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Depth of Blue; DEPTH OF BLUE - Visual Mixtape (2016) | © ADITYADP


Visual Mixtape

ONGOING PROJECT  Songs Permission Process, Exhibition Planning

" DEPTH OF BLUE is my first Visual Mixtape finished in May 2016. Started as a final project to finish Fine Art Photography Course under Henrycus Napitsunargo and Anis Annisa Maryam supervision in Institut Teknologi Bandung. This work can be seen as my journey to fathom the complexity of human emotions in general, and as a journey to encounter my personal emotional state from time to time, by trying to package certain dissected part of emotion into a physical form. Each of the Visual Mixtape has a certain theme that labeled by a name that has color connotation to it (reference to Goethe {1810}). The Visual Mixtape has the functionality to drive audience feelings to reach those dissected emotion by enhancing 2 senses to perceive the work embodied by using photography work and arranging an audio mixtape from pre-existed song. By bringing the feeling of 'blue', this project divided into 6 track (chapter) that combined featured song from another artist with several photography works to experience altogether "



6 Track [32 min] |  36 Photographs | Available in 2 Format


Sneak Peak into The Project

Fjogur Piano #2 & Fjogur Piano #3 | DEPTH OF BLUE
Fjogur Piano #4 | DEPTH OF BLUE

PREVIEW MATERIAL | (Left) Fragment of Depth of Blue; Experience Preview | (Upper-Right) Fjögur píanó #2, Fjögur píanó #3; Visual Preview | (Upper Left) Fjögur píanó #4; Visual Preview DEPTH OF BLUE - Visual Mixtape (2016) | © ADITYADP


More Context Regarding The Project

We are accustomed to regard emotions as something we perceived from specific stimuli. But only by going through a certain series of events can we perceive those emotions. Conversely, even a tiniest difference in each event may forms entirely different feelings. The possibility of this occurrence is highly probable considering humans never have and never will have an identical idea when perceiving something. Thus is it possible to feel what other feel genuinely? Is becoming empathetic toward others even allowed for one to imagine? Or is it just a nonsensical fantasy?


These Visual Mixtape is a realization of a long-suppressed-compulsion; a culmination of his personal emotional journey. A round of question, a bullet shot into his consciousness time and time again. There was this urge, the profound necessity to deform the formless; to dissect emotions only to forge it back together into a physical form. A haven where anyone could visit or revisit to embrace those emotions.

Worked in 4 month span, this work is the artist first coherence work. He utilize these visual mixtape works as a media to research, understand and convey his personal, long-term overwhelming feeling. Each visual mixtape can represent a phase of the artist emotional state at the time. DEPTH OF BLUE as the first title in the series offer certain bittersweet temperature that trigger the feelings of contemplation or perhaps a melancholy. Most of the photographs that presented have the qualities of openness and completeness. Space also presented very well for the audience to explore their own feelings that are generated by the mood of this work.

Introduction by

Fausto Keiluhu


Exhibitions & Project Vision

Around March 2020, alongs with the finish of the 2nd Visual Mixtape NOIR NARRATION, the artist started to planned the exhibition & launching of his Visual Mixtape Series. After certain effort, he succeed to find the curator for the works, and the curatorial and exhibitions planning process already began. Here are several archive regarding the update of the Exhibition and Project Finalization process.


[LEFT] The option of planned exhibition. Besides the limited artbook. 1/1 Art Piece will also be produced with shown option.
[Up] The mock up of the [1/1] Art Piece in Resin / Epoxy format  


Current Dummy result. Will be improved before continue into mass production step | [RIGHT] Cover Appearance. The book will be covered by Acrylic Box and Sleeve | [UP] Content Appearance. UV print on Tatami 150gsm.

Initially the exhibition planned to be held in 2020. But due to the event of COVID-19 pandemic that occur and other reason that will describe below the artist decided to postponed the launch & exhibitions of these visual mixtape series. He hoped this project can be launched & exhibits properly in 2021 once all the condition and requirement are aligned properly.


Current Status of Mixtape Legal Usage

The nature of the artwork becomes the primary issue that often discussed regarding this project. The utilization of other artist audio works in mixtape format to complement the visuals in this project later becomes the primary aspect that need to researched before properly conduct the exhibitions. After long research and discussion between the artist and curator of this project, concludes that ethical permission by the song owner is essential for this project to elevate its nature. He started the permission and licensing process of this project along with the second mixtape in march 2020. In total, there are 12 songs permissions that needed to be taken care before the launching of the projects. The artist started the permission / licensing process in March 2020. Until this point (December 2020) he already acquired 8 permission in total from the several stakeholder of the song. In DEPTH OF BLUE 4 from 6 songs permission already acquired as shown in images below.


DEPTH OF BLUE - Visual Mixtape

1. FJOGUR PIANO by Sigur Rós

( Valtari / 2012 )


2. SHADES OF COOL by Lana Del Rey

( Ultraviolence / 2014 )


( Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / 2004 ) 


4. SLOW LIKE HONEY by Fiona Apple

( Tidal / 1996 )

5. LAST FLOWERS by Radiohead

( In Rainbow / 2007 )


6. 23わ by The Seatbelts / Yoko Kanno

( Cowboy Bebop / 1998 ) 

DEPTH OF BLUE; Licensing Process

SONG PERMISSION & LICENSING UPDATE | 4 from 6 needed songs permission already acquired [Update 04/12/20] | DEPTH OF BLUE - Visual Mixtape | © ADITYADP

Before contacted the respective owner of each songs, a deep research regarding the essences of copyright law, the concept of fair use and how the right in musical industry worked was conducted by the artist. In the process can be said that every songs owner have slightly different treatment regarding the copyright infringement regulation towards their works. In Bureaucracy, the process usually began from the publisher of the song to conduct the license request into the specific regional representative of where the songs are registered. Usually the license that are needed are master right (belongs to the artist) and synch right (belongs to the song publisher).


9 month worked in this matters, its often that the publisher or the record label of the song are quite indecisive towards the kind of license treatment that are suitable for the songs usage in this project, due to the nature of songs utilization are never exist before in their synch request history. Later on, the decision of the most permission acquired are heavily influenced by the artist / songs owner (master right owner) point of view and the publisher (as synch right owner) usually will give their permission after the owner of the song allowed the use of their song to utilized in this way.

Copyright © ADITYADP 2014-2020. All right reserved. All ADITYADP works copyright © ADITYADP. All right reserved 

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