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The primary source for artworks by Aditya Dwi Putra. Maintain the archives of published & unpublished works, creative endeavors, and artistic journey.



" I uphold honesty in my works & believe the act of separating any mundane motivation in the creative process can maintain the artworks to be organic as possible. In general, my works mainly touch the idea of intrapersonal relationship and glorify the aspect of feelings. By trying to touch and play with certain spectrum of emotions in this state of 'existing', I see my works can serve the purpose to grasp the idea and the absurd reality that surrounded it "

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Private Archive (2019) | © ADITYADP 


Artist Background

Aditya Dwi Putra is a Visual Artist from Bandung, Indonesia. Born in a small-town Bukittinggi, on the 8th of August 1994. His interest in art emerges early in his childhood when he showed such fascination into several used Disney comic books that he encounters while walk along with his mother. Since then, he began to draw.


Failed to continue his study in fine art subject and ended at Business School at Bandung Institue of Technol instead, his failure resulted in such a downer for a while. But as time goes by he started to get on his knee with such a redeem feeling to keep pursue his life-long dream in more alternative way. Worthless feelings that keep haunted him manifest into a drive to keep learning and improving his artistic skill in a never-stop, more organic, and limitless manner. By seeking any opportunities to improve his artistic skill in every possible way, such as joining any creative club in his college, enter any open course that offered by Fine Art Faculty in his campus (resulted in his first cohesive artwork DEPTH OF BLUE [2016; Audio Visual Artbook]) or simply enriched his references by digging trough any art-from that he was drawn to. Besides, he also started to accept several freelance creative works mainly in design, branding, and photography that comes from the demand either in his business environment or his creative environment and still maintain to finish his study in 2017. This process and learning method can’t deny help him finding his artistic language later on. 


After finished his study, his personal adulthood brings several personal responsibilities that need to be taken care of. He focused on building a start-up company for 1,5 years, handling all the creative aspects of it while still maintaining to accept any other creative-works offering that comes. Resulting in a significant reduce in his artistic endeavor. Focused in business industry build up a conviction within him that the act of truly pursue material / synthetic achievement brings such a toxic cycle of desire. This realization becomes the genealogy of his artistic statement to separate any mundane motivation from his works to truly serve the organic and limitless essence of its. Divide his life into 2 roles, in 2018, he stopped doing any creative works from business industry (besides from his own business that already reaches pretty stabile condition to provide more spare time and fulfill not only his personal financial needs but also his artworks financial support) Around Mid 2018, he continues his artistic endeavor and succeeds to finish his 2nd cohesive artwork titled NOIR NARRATION (2019; Audio Visual Artbook) while on the other hand continued his postponed Documentary Project titled ‘When The Last Time You Were Actually Happy’.


In his works, he has the tendency to over-glorify the aspect of feelings and can be said become heavily dependent on his intuition. By deliver the works that mostly driven by his personal lenses, he sure his works can offer such universality based on the believes that there is something universal within people in what lies beyond. While his works heavily deliver through photography and videography media, nowadays he also began to fascinate with another creative way to express, such as creative writing and started to hand-drawn again.   


Aditya (right) with his siblings in his hometown house (1999)


Aditya in his private studio (2019)


Private Archive (2014)


Copyright © ADITYADP 2014-2020. All right reserved. All ADITYADP works copyright © ADITYADP. All right reserved 

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