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The primary source for artworks by Aditya Dwi Putra. Maintain the archives of published & unpublished works, creative endeavors, and artistic journey.


Get an insight about the artist artistic endeavor trough the selected pages taken directly from his personal journal. The page shown are carefully curated.

The artist starts picking up journaling habits since the mid of 2012. Initiated from the idea to enrich his visual directory by always bring his sketchbook wherever he goes. As time goes by, he realized that he seems more comfortable in the conceptual process of creation as he sees the reducing amount of drawing in his sketchbook that later mostly filled with daily thought, dream journal, idea, personal notes, and art-conception process. This, later on, can't be denied contribute to the process of finding his artistic languageThen, he decided to change his sketchbook into a standard notebook that resulted in the existence of a "more sacred" journal where he curated all the content of his notes very selectively and began to add another element from founded items and belongings that surrounded each entry. This resulted in the scrapbook characteristic that you can see in most of provided pages. 

Copyright © ADITYADP 2014-2020. All right reserved. All ADITYADP works copyright © ADITYADP. All right reserved 

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