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The primary source for artworks by Aditya Dwi Putra. Maintain the archives of published & unpublished works, creative endeavors, and artistic journey.


Glimpses of Recent Projects

This Visual Mixtape is a form of my approach to trace the abstraction of my personal emotions and try to package certain dissected parts of it into a cohesive physical form. Each of the Visual Mixtapes has a certain theme that labeled by a name that has color connotation to it (reference to Goethe {1810}). The Visual Mixtape has the functionality to drive audience feelings to reach those dissected emotion by enhancing 2 senses to perceive the work embodied by using photography work and arranging an audio mixtape from pre-existed songs. This series of works can be seen as a journey to fathom the complexity of human emotions generally, and as a journey to encounter my personal emotional state from time to time specifically.



Planned to be released in Audio-Visual Artbook & Resin Based Art Prints 

Fjögur píanó; DEPTH OF BLUE - Visual Mixtape (2016) | © ADITYADP 

Artist Conviction

" I uphold honesty in my works & believes the act of separating any mundane motivation in the creative process can maintain the artworks to be organic as possible. In general, my works mainly touch the idea of intrapersonal relationships and glorify the aspect of feelings. By trying to touch and play with certain spectrum of emotions in this state of 'existing', I see my works serve the purpose of grasping the idea and the absurd reality that surrounded it "

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Private Archive (2019) | © ADITYADP 

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Private Studio | Private Archive (2019) | © ADITYADP 

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